A Simulated GIF Set

At last week’s excellent Society for Cinema & Media Studies (where I showed & discussed these videographic deformances), I saw many strong panels, papers, workshops, and videos. But one standout was a panel about GIFs as part of contemporary visual culture. In thinking about the connections to videographic criticism, two papers were particularly provocative: Anthony Bleach discussing GIFs as articulations of cinephilia, and Jen Malkowski on the GIFset as a mode of spatial montage. As I sat in the audience on Sunday morning, I thought about the possibilities of making GIF sets as a facet of videographic criticism.

So later that day, in the airport and on my plane, I opened up my mobile laboratory to produce these GIFs from Singin’ in the Rain:

As I was working through the clips in Premiere, I began to wonder about using the looping GIF aesthetic within a video, adding sound to make it a more videographic experience. So I created two simulated GIF sets, with two different sonic loops:

The first uses a shorter audio clip to loop…

… while the second uses a longer clip. Both layer the clips nine times, mirroring the video grid. Not sure which is better – or what the overall effect is – but the goal of this sandbox is making things to see what happens, not to create with overt purpose or intellectual intent.

All feedback welcome!


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